Our Promise

"Stray" refers to animals that are not in the right place, such as those without a home or roaming the streets. We at our organization have launched the "Stray Free India" Mission, where 10% of every order you make will go towards ensuring that every stray animal in India has access to love, food, shelter, and clean water.

Our team is dedicated to making this mission a reality by 26th April 2029, and we will work tirelessly towards it every day. This responsibility drives us forward, and we thank you for supporting us in this cause.

our progress


What are you guys currently doing with this mission ??

We have partnered with local people who feed & save strays in their areas, we are currently developing a proper guide & directory with contact information & directions for every city in India.

We don't know the full path, but we are moving step by step to make this a reality.

How can I help you speed up the mission ??

By spreading awareness, volunteering our partners, donating them directly, send your old/ unused stuff that they need like newspaper, blankets & more.

We will shortly link our website once its ready within a few days so that you have a better idea.