Our Story

STEPLO is an acronym that stands for Smart, Tenacious, Effective, Persistent, Limitless & Optimistic. It has been developed over 10 years of continuous failures, trials and errors.

TheSteploBoards are specifically designed to assist working professionals in making their work feel smart and good, thereby promoting overall fulfillment and well-being.

The founder's mission and vision behind STEPLO is to assist working professionals in saving their time and energy by avoiding the mistakes he made while working hard but not understanding the significance and strategies of Smart Work, Deep Work & Joyful Work.

We are here to provide you with the best non-digital and visual tools such as White Boards, Glass Boards, 2-in-1 Boards, Planning Boards & More. We use only the highest-quality raw materials to provide you with the best experience with these eco-friendly and sustainable writing boards.

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Why Behind Steplo

Why We Do What We Do ??

At STEPLO, we have experienced hardships and sufferings that could have been prevented if we had added smartness, joy, and focus to our work.

That's why we made it our mission to help everyone avoid these mistakes and "LIVE" life, instead of just solving problems all the time.

What's Next for STEPLO ??

There are currently eight projects in the pipeline that will help us further our mission.

These include My Habit Buddy, which is designed to assist you in developing the top 12 smart habits in a sustainable manner.

We're also working on an all-in-one online store for working professionals worldwide.

Additionally, we're developing Steplo for Kids, which will provide toys and other tools to help children build these habits from an early age.

And there are many more projects in the works!