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Emoji Shaped Magnets for Home, Office & Kitchen (Pack of 54)

Rs. 3,708.00
Rs. 2,115.00
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Never Leaves Color or Gets Faded.

Designed for Strong Holding Power.

Durable & Long-Lasting Board Magnets.

Great for Whiteboards, Stands & Fridge.

Product Description :

    80% Soft Magnet, 15% Gloss Film, and 5% Paper.

    Emoji expressions are very popular all over the world and appear in almost all SMS applications. We will change emoji expression from virtual to reality, bring more fun to your family and friends, and give fun to the refrigerator, lockers, whiteboard, notes, etc.

    The top is made of gloss film, which makes the product not easy to break. A soft magnet is used at the bottom to ensure magnetism and will not damage the furniture. Tested in the best environment, each emoji magnet can hold 6 sheets of A4 paper. Suitable for any magnetic place.

    Creative product jointly designed by MOACART and emoji company. The exquisite packaging box itself has a storage function and is an ideal gift for children's families and friends for emoji lovers.

  • MORE DIY :
    Superimpose the emoji magnets with the faces of family and friends photos, and then fix them on the fridge to make the photos more interesting and make family and friends get along more closely.

Get Everything You Need :

Damage Free Door Delivery
Imported Products from U.S.A
Checked & Tested Magnets
Strong & Durable Construction
30 Days Hassle-Free Returns
High Quality Materials Used
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Emoji Shaped Magnets for Home, Office & Kitchen (Pack of 54)

Rs. 3,708.00
Rs. 2,115.00
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Questions/ Answers

Are these Made in India ??

No, these are Imported from around 4-5 countries. Steplo Whiteboard Magnets will be launching this year that will be Made in India.